Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Love, Life, Design and the Undiscovered Bulgaria

I have often thought about writing and believed I had a story to tell but as a dyslexic its kind of daunting, even with the advent of the computer, Microsoft-word and spell check. All the words and idea’s are there but its getting them to paper (so to speak). As I am a self confessed IT/social media idiot and have only recently understood what Facebook and Twitter where really all about, but when I did I fell for the concept completely as a vehicle for people to connect and communicate like never before, including little old me.

I have chosen to label this blog rather long windily but never the less I believe appropriately, as Love, Life, Design and the Undiscovered Bulgaria. Stick with me on this and all, I promise will be revealed. 

Design and the world around me has always been a obsessive part of my life and in the words of Paulo Coelho, I have always walk slowly with eyes wide open, not always liking what I have seen, but looking never the less. If you look you will see, the wonder that surrounds you and see that design in all its facets touches every part of your life, embrace it, enjoy it and use it to enhance your being.

Now this might all sound a little religious or intense, well yes it is and its my intention to help everyone I can, to see why, for example have you ever seen and badly designed/considered or under detailed church of any faith or denomination, NO, why because beauty is in design and design is a beautiful thing, with Mother Nature being at the head of the game in every way.

Just look at the geometry of this stunning 1980's church with its 78m high ceiling in the Hailgrimur church in Reykjavik Iceland, the architect has used references and influences from the nature of the region to produce this fabulously detailed architectural interior thats the more beautiful for its simplicity. can you see the organic references? and absolutely no frescos but in no way the less for it.
In this blog I want to, for those that wish to follow, show why I am passionate about what I do, why I do it, and why it influences my life and how I live it, who I love and how I love them and why I fall and keep falling in love every day with Bulgaria and life. 

For example today whilst picking up some 2.5mm electrical cable for a project, I noticed amid all the relatively non descript ordinary electrical items something different something interesting an electrical plug! What you say, yes an everyday item but fabulously re-invented, it gave me real pleasure to look at and hold and I had to buy one straight away, dashing home to change one of my existing plugs to this one! Is he mad you say? No not by my reckoning someone somewhere had taken time and energy to take a basic perfectly functional item and turn it into something interesting and tactile, the least I could do was recognise this and enjoy it.

The IPhone of electrical plugs, the Legrand unit is elegantly proportioned ergonomically considered and tastefully branded, look how the cable exits just off centre so cool and just looks great sticking out my wall. (you want one dont you)

Now it might seem a totally disconnected and unrelated example but it’s in noticing and enjoying the little things that are sometimes, right there in front you, that make life that little bit more fun and interesting, the same can be said of Bulgaria look deeper, look beyond the obvious and the negative and behold your be amazed.